Sèvres two plates

Sèvres two plates

Code: 12051


Assiette à palmes


Soft paste porcelain

Diameter: 9 1/4 in. (24.8 cm.)

Marks: interlaced Ls enclosing date letter o, painter’s marks for Antoine-Joseph Chappuis (active 1761-87) and François-Joseph Aloncle (active 1758-81); birds named on the reverse.

From a service sold in 1768 to Louis-Charles-Auguste Le Tonnelier, Baron de Breteuil, former French Minister-Plenipotentiary to Cologne (1758-59) and Russia (1760-63), Ambassador to Sweden (1763-67), the Netherlands (1768-69), the Two Sicilies (1772-74), and Austria (1775-83); in 1783 he became Ministre et Secrétaire d’Etat de la Maison du Roi and Administrator of the Department of Paris; during the reign of Louis XV he was an integral part of the Secret du Roi, the King’s secret reporting network of diplomats.

The large service included 96 plates at 36 livres each.