Vincennes cup and saucer

Vincennes cup and saucer

Code: MB705


Gobelet Hébert et soucoupe (second size)


Soft-paste porcelain

Height of cup: 2 2/3 in. (6.7 cm.)

Diameter of saucer: 5 2/5 in. (13.7 cm.)

Marks: interlaced Ls enclosing date letter A, painter's mark for François Binet (active 1750-75)

The gobelet Hébert was first produced in October 1752, when “gobelets pour M. Hébert” are mentioned in the Sèvres archives as being ready for glazing. It was named for either a secretary of Louis XV or Thomas-Joachim Hébert, a luxury dealer. The cups were made in three sizes, the first and second documented by 1753 and the third size appearing by the end of 1754. The gobelet Hébert was often featured as part of tea services, above all déjeuners Hébert, but also with other types.