Michael Dickey

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Michael Dickey was born in Colorado in 1979. He studied painting and ceramics at Colorado State University, earning a B.F.A. in 2002. He also studied at ItalArt in Castiglioni Florentino, Italy, in 2001. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Between his large sculptural orbs, reminiscent of celestial shapes, to cylinders that appear to be almost 3D-rendered, Michael Dickey’s work twists and tricks the eye. It is a joy to feel their textured surfaces, layered with graphic black and white strokes that suggest an unseen light source. Their rich hues cast tinted shadows, while their matte surfaces cleverly belie their dimensionality.

Dickey’s work is created by throwing the forms on the wheel and then applying a first round of underglazes and glazes to the work before an initial firing. To achieve the perfectly linear application of lines, he applies the glaze with a brush or airbrush while the piece spins on a wheel. After the initial firing, there are successive applications of glaze followed by firing, up to five times for a single piece.

In 2022, the Brooklyn Museum acquired a work of Dickey’s from Michele Beiny.